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b e z d e ń

"And suddenly I fell into some kind of darkness,

And I still don’t know what happened to me…"

Wincenty Pol “Mohort”

bezdeń is a three-part piano cycle - The Sea Trilogy. It reveals my nostalgia for seascape and my fascination with the immeasurable depth of the ocean. In its nature, it is mysterious and unpredictable. Like the sea. In terms of sound, it reveals my French impressionism inspiration. The trilogy was created after a long journey around the shores of Asia.

VIdeo by Aleksandra Sułkowska

1. "bezdeń"

The cycle opens with a piece bezdeń. Bezdeń, that is, what has no bottom, an abyss, depth. Starting the composition in the middle "soft" register of the piano, I slowly move my hands away from each other, creating a kind of a sonic "gap". The tone of the piece takes on more monumental and extreme colors as time passes; on one hand, you can hear more and more weight and darkness (left hand), on the other, the composition resonates with brighter colors, it evokes hope (right hand). Along with the expanded register, the harmony becomes richer, which in the course of the piece has no clear pursuit. It is unpredictable, undefined. Suddenly it awakens, motivates and then unexpectedly covers up with shadow and disturbs. At the end, the left hand, as if convinced by the awakening register of the right hand, jumps to high tones. The composition is crowned with a vivid consonance of "reconciled" hands, distant from the dark depths, giving hope.

2. "syreny"

In this piece, I "see" two dolphins - sea mermaids. Reconciled, communing with each other on higher levels of the ocean basin. Repetitive harmony, rhythmics, chord decay time and pauses give a feeling of peace, reconciliation and happiness.

I think that happiness and the joy of life have a lot to do with calmness, the right time to "fade out", silence.

Happiness is silence of the mind.

3. "fale"

The sea trilogy is crowned with sea waves. Agitated, churned, clumsy. Just like young animals playing with each other. With this track, I cross the border of the sea-bottom and come up to the surface. The waves are a breath of the new, the fresh.

It is the joy of live. A breath of air. It is a rush full of motivating energy and salutary movement. Because movement is life.

Format: Digital

Release date: February 18, 2021

Recording: Izabela Komańska home studio (Warsaw)

Mix: Piotr Zalewski (Warsaw)

Mastering: Jakub Niedźwiedź (Warsaw)

Video: Aleksandra Sułkowska

Listen/buy here:

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