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IMAGO - adult insect, perfect insect.

"(…)Using the image of butterfly transformation,

I want to indicate the process of human maturation,

their experiences, motivation, moments of crisis, evolution."

Imago is my first full length solo piano album. Imago, i.e. an adult insect, a perfect insect, is the final stage in the individual development of insects undergoing a process of transformation. The album is based on a concept: individual compositions correspond with the stages of butterfly life cycle; from the birth of a caterpillar, through a pupa, to a mature form of an imago. By using an image of butterfly transformation, I want to indicate the process of human maturation, his experiences, motivation, moments of crisis, and evolution. All pieces of the album were recorded in Izabela Komańska's home studio in Warsaw on a good old Wagner upright piano. The sound of this piano opened new doors for my artistic expression, inspired me with sensitivity and warmth, breathed new energy into the compositions and filled them with melancholy.

1. "Birth"

This is the opening track of the album. A caterpillar is born.

It is a symbolic birth that indicates the awakening of new values ​​and priorities in us. It is our new existence. You can be born several times in your lifetime, and undergo successive transformations. It is important that each new being is a better version of ourselves.

2. "Alice"

Alice is a moment of reflection, a pause. We enter the new with Birth, which means we must leave behind what used

to be. Alice is an expression of sentiment towards past moments and memories. Even though we shouldn't look back, we do. For a moment. One last time. This feeling of nostalgia will stay with us until the very end.

3. "Under The Surface"

We are born surrounded by warmth, comfort and security.

In maternal embrace, protecting us from the outside world. Below the surface. In a carefree atmosphere.

4. "Matamorphosis"

A caterpillar undergoes transformation. It turns into a chrysalis. It goes into a state of rest and prepares for the transformation into a mature form.

5. "Imago"

A beautiful mature butterfly is born from the chrysalis.

The last stage of transformation. This is the culmination point of the album. This composition was intentionally put right in the middle of the album. This is a breakthrough moment of transformation. One of the most important moments in life that we will remember forever. Everything will be different from now on. We will take a new look, break old patterns, breathe new energy into us - an enthusiastic spirit of change. Change for the better. Change ourselves and the world around us.

6. "Above The Clouds"

Above The Clouds is an expression of joy and freedom. It is the butterfly's fortune to be able to rise above the clouds. Do whatever it wants. Fly wherever it wants to. Despite the penetrating atmosphere of joy, there is a note of anxiety. How long will this feeling of happiness and freedom last? It is an existential thought that nothing is permanent in the world.

7. "I"

It is a continuation of existential thoughts. Relentless questions. Me, my ego, what am I, what is my role, what is my task, my responsibility in this world? Am I destined for something? Do I have to burden myself with anything at all? After all, I am free. The feeling of individuality and uniqueness, and above all the inevitability of death, invites similar reflections. Someday I will leave, I will disappear. I would like to leave something behind. Something that will live on without me.

8. "Prelude"

This is a transitional moment. Prologue to something new, another birth. A tunnel with light at the end. Maybe everything loops, propelling the spiral of life like a flow drives a water wheel. Life is an endless transformation of energy that draws from one source.

9. "Life"

And we're born again. The ring completes itself. We come full circle. Life goes on and on without stopping for a moment. We evolve. We recreate ourselves.

Format: CD, Digital

Release date: September 12, 2019

Recording: Izabela Komańska home studio (Warsaw)

Mix: Piotr Zalewski (Warsaw)

Mastering: Jakub Niedźwiedź (Warsaw)

Music videos: Stefania Michera i Filip Cieplechowicz

Listen/buy here:

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