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Leaving Wonderland


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Dark, leaden skies

They say "hope, it never dies

All the wounds time will mend" 

I'm leaving wonderland


Ran in the rain

I Got closer to the pain

All that Joy I pretend 

I'm leaving wonderland


The world remains the same

Cannot move through all the shame

No one there to hold my hand

I'm leaving wonderland


Listen to the story

Can you feel my worries

Do not expect you'll understand

Tired of fighting myself

Can't take all the changes

Now's the time to fade away


Sun sets on my shoulders

Trying to find some purpose

Tomorrow's only mystery

With all the weight on my mind

I found a way to get by

And regain my liberty


Scared when I see

All the faces around me

Who's a foe, who's a friend

I'm leaving wonderland


All remains the same

Some of them still play the game

I've got rights to defend

I'm leaving wonderland


Dark, sullen night

All the hope already died

Here my road comes to an end

I'm leaving wonderland

Format: Digital

Release date: November 1, 2020

Recording, mix and mastering: 

Sound and Wave - Recording Studio (Warsaw)

Video: Filip Cieplechowicz

Listen/buy here:

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