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r e b i r t h

r e b i r t h

Birth is the materialization of pure energy. This phenomenon is only possible in the world of shapes. So is death. Birth is the emergence of the form into which life is breathed. People are born, animals are born, plants are born. It is still a mysterious and incomprehensible oddity. Birth is accompanied by rapprochement, toil, quickened breathing, suffering, and joy. A tremendous effort. The cry of creation. Birth is movement, desperation and caring. Breakthrough, reset and a new incarnation. It's pure life. It's a miracle.

"Rebirth" is an extended version of the piano piece "Birth" from the "IMAGO" album. The piece is enriched with cello - Omi Konstancja Osmolińska, violin - Victor Pastor Peidro, electronic and percussion layers and a processed voice of the composer. In addition, the piano sound that sets the tone in the composition is heavily processed by effects such as Phaser, Flanger, Distortion, Overdrive and subjected to side-chain compression (the piano track is influenced by the "silenced" kick drum signal), resulting in a distinctive synthetic timbre and specific rhythm.

This piece opens a new chapter in my creative work. After the solely piano-based releases ("IMAGO", "bezdeń"), I am experiencing a kind of revival and opening myself to new forms of expression. This piece has a symbolic meaning for me, not only on the creative level, but also personal. I’m closing a chapter, leaving the old and entering the new.

"Rebirth", beyond its symbolic meaning, leads through the successive phases of birth. The piece begins with a repetitive layer of processed piano, which builds the foundation of the whole, and lasts until the very end. In this piece, the piano is a type of driving energy that motivates, gives movement, pushes forward. After a while, the cello and the violin appear, which could be compared to two opposing elements: male and female. These two elements clash with each other, which is accompanied by tension and exertion (rapid breathing). This confrontation leads to birth (crying). "Rebirth" is a musical invocation, the prologue of a new story the plot of which I will gradually reveal in next releases.

Rebirth is accompanied by a visualization generated by Artificial Intelligence. The originator of the visualization is Xi Li - a tech teacher at META, an entrepreneur, investor, and a Blockchain enthusiast.



"We were very curious whether Artificial Intelligence could understand emotion, so we worked together to generate a music visualization using AI. At first, I selected a few pictures to set the tone of the video. Then, I used an unsupervised machine learning model called GAN (Generative Adversarial Network). GAN has two neural networks, the generator and the discriminator, competing with each other. Data is randomized and put into the generator to generate the images. Those images are then fed into the discriminator to be flagged and filtered for their authenticity. „The generator acts as an art student trying to fool the discriminator into accepting its works as the 'real' works of great artists. Meanwhile, the discriminator, like a harsh art teacher, tries to distinguish between authentic works of art and those made by the student. Through this competition and feedback, they both get better at their craft. This way, GANs mimic creativity and counterfactual reasoning."[article]"

Format: Digital

Release date: December 9, 2021

Recording: Piotr Zalewski (home studio in Warsaw), Fryderyk Chopin University in Warsaw, Izabela Komańska home studio (Warsaw)

Mix: Piotr Zalewski (Warsaw)

Mastering: Jakub Niedźwiedź (Warsaw)

Listen/buy here:

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